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How to heal your body

Updated: Apr 27

People often come to a QHHT session, or other types of energy healing looking for physical healing. They have tried doctors, all sorts of therapies (traditional or alternative), they've tried supplements, flower essences, exercises, etc. But nothing is working, or the same issue appears to go away, only to come back again a few weeks or months later.

We often also hear about spontaneous healings happening during a QHHT session or other types of healing. And we also know of master teachers that could heal, and what about all the new technologies promising great health?

The first concept we need to overview together is that you are operating your soul within a body. Your body has a consciousness... and your soul has a consciousness... (not to mention other consciousnesses that may be operating through you - we'll leave piece of the puzzle that for another day).

And the biggest misconception of humanity is that we are these bodies. That we are a body. And we tend to personify the body, believe that's what we are, adorn it, make our appearance appealing to others, or else we won't be liked and appreciated.

Now read that paragraph once again. And process it.

The truth is that we have these perfect machines, these bodies, that were designed with such care and knowledge. And this body is capable of restoring itself. And your higher self uses the body to communicate with you.

This body also tends to store your emotions... and when life happens, and you just keep on moving, your body can hold on to so much pain, and discomfort. And it starts speaking to you. And if you don't listen, or you try to patch it.... it will start screaming at you, until you stop, try to listen, work with the body and then you can heal.

Your higher self, through your body reminds you why you are here and what you enjoy doing. It sends you signals when you are happy and when you are sad.

And when you spend too much time doing the opposite to what makes you happy... your body starts getting very uncomfortable... and through that, the higher self tries to bring you back to center, so you can remember.

Here are some ways you can work with your body:

  • Calm your mind, calm your body, and feel if there's any discomfort. Are there any areas of your body trying to speak? If you have a known issue, focus there first.

  • Generally speaking, if the issue is on the right side of the body, it is something recent. If the discomfort/illness/issue is on the left side of the body, it is something you've had for a while (it could be your ancestors or a past life as well).

  • As you quiet your mind, ask the part of your mind that knows everything to speak to you. This will show up to you as the very first thing that comes to mind. Don't pause for a second, it is the very first thing. Ask more. Listen. And more. When did this start? What can I do to change it?

  • Once you have your message with as much clarity as you possibly can (and this is something that you'll get really good at if you practice), speak to your body. Command it to cooperate, as you promise to take on the message and act on it. If you need help decoding the message, there are 2 great books that can help: You can heal your body, by Louise Hay and Soul Speaks, by Julia Cannon.

  • Bring in the light of Source to the area and allow it to soak up the love of the One Infinite Creator.

  • Everything is possible. Absolutely everything.

The second concept we need to discuss is timelines... and timeline loops.

If an issue keeps on coming over and over. And you heal it, you feel great, you've got it! and then weeks later the issue is back... that means you are stuck in a timeline loop - another big topic we'll go over in detail at a later time-.

What is a timeline?

A timeline is a possibility. A path. How your life unfolds, based on your decisions and choices. Let's say you are 18 and you are choosing between studying History or Engineering. Each path would lay a timeline for you. And as you make choices pretty much each second... yes you guessed it, there are infinite timelines happening all at once, in parallel.

So what is a timeline loop?

A good analogy is the “Choose your Own Adventure” book series.

The same characters, the same physical reality. The same geographical area.

But the main character can choose many different endings and possibilities.

Imagine one where the main character gets stuck going back to where they started, and the same door/situation keeps on coming back. And no matter how fast she runs, she goes back to the same door. Visually this might help you understand a timeline loop. Same events, relationships, situations keep on coming back. The feeling people get is of being stuck. Of not being able to fulfil their highest potential.

They may learn about something, but they don’t do it, then they complain that nothing is changing for them, then another person may recommend another book, but it is the same stuff, and they don’t do it, then they complain. That is a loop. That is how it feels to be in a loop.

The feeling of quick sands. Complete stagnant in life. Not going anywhere. And not having a clue of how to get out. Some people say "I’ll extend you a rope", but that makes you sink deeper, then you are back at the same spot. Some people say "lay on your back", but you are too scared so you don’t even try it. Some people come and get you, they get stuck. Some people yell at you from the edge, but you can’t hear them or the message is useless. Stuck in time. The same crap happening over and over again. Didn’t we just go through this? "Oh there was a school shooting. Thoughts and prayers". Big press. Nothing happens. We all forget about it, nobody is running a fundraiser anymore. Then another school shooting... "didn’t we all talk about it months ago? How come nothing changed? What is happening?" Absolutely nothing. We are all back at the same crap.

Watch the presidential debate and re-watch one from 4 years ago, 8 years ago, 12 years ago. There’s your timeline loop at a national scale. Very easy to see. 

But how is this happening, is there someone behind this?

Yes. We'll get into that in a separate post, as there's so much to it.

So why do people get stuck in a loop?

At a higher level view... if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again and you expect a different outcome... well, we do have a bigger problem here.

So back at physical healing.

If the same issue is coming back and you suspect a timeline loop, there's something anchoring to that loop.

It could be a belief. It could be something external anchoring you to the loop, it could be that you are trying the same "remedy", expecting a different outcome.

So how can you heal your body?

  1. Acknowledge the body is simply a messenger, talking to you.

  2. Talk to it.

  3. Make it work for you.

  4. Get your message, and act on it. The body won't let you go so easily with just a "promise" to live your highest purpose.

  5. Figure out who you are. Seriously. Do you want to heal? live your highest purpose, your highest joy. Literally nothing can get you. Time flies when you are having fun.... (get it! out of the loop!).

  6. If there's something from your past anchoring your to a timeline loop where you keep on re-living illness, take yourself on a soul journey to the exact moment when it all started. It is easier than you think, but it is profound and truly good for you. Are you worrying too much? (anchor=money), are there big emotions you bottled up in your body (jealousy, shame, gilt, etc.), are you holding on to anger, memories of trauma, a relationship you won't let go, etc. There truly could be many answers, many possibilities, but if you practice listening, the answers to come up.

If the process seems too simplistic of completely out of reach, or plain crazy, consider all the other things you have tried so far... only to yield no results.

So on the basis on not much to lose, why not give yourself a chance?

How about affirmations?

Affirmations "affirm" a reality. If you are already living your highest truth, your highest potential and your joy... then you can affirm it with a beautiful affirmation.

For many stuck on a loop of problems, worries and illness, an affirmation may not resonate as truth... then they won't work. You truly need to believe them to work. Sure, for some people who are able to train their minds, affirmations can work. But getting to know yourself through a deep soul exploration may be just what you need to get unstuck.

Is this all?

This is one piece of quite a big puzzle. I'm putting all the pieces together, day by day, and I'll be linking all the other pieces so you can take yourself down this wonderful rabbit hole to your self-healing.

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My name is Julia Lera

I'm a QHHT Practitioner Level II, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader. This is the space where I share all the hidden knowledge that help us get unstuck. Join me on a journey to the depths of your soul. 

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