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Depending on where you are at in your journey to finding yourself, you may prefer to work with quantum hypnosis, in a 3-hour-long session to the depth of your consciousness (facilitated via Zoom), a QHHT session in person in San Francisco, or you may prefer a remote quantum healing, or a soul reading via your Akashic Records. Profound healing is available through either method - trust your intuition and choose your own adventure. 

The ultimate goal of my sessions is to gently lead you to find YOU. Your own self, in all your glory, without the unnecessary layers we've acquired over years of trauma or experiences. Get to meet you, your purpose, get a better understanding of the experiences you are going through, what the main lessons you are here to accomplish, meet your guides and more. 

I am here to hold sacred space for you, to gently guide you through the depth of your consciousness. 


Please scroll down and read carefully below to get a sense of how I work. Feel free to contact me prior to booking with any questions you may have. There are also other offerings on my Etsy shop (with plenty of reviews!) you may want to check out as well. 

My availability varies - if you don't see your preferred session available, it means I'm not currently available. You may email me at any time to ask, as my schedule fluctuates quite a bit. I try to offer weekends for my QHHT sessions in San Francisco whenever possible.

You can also book a 15' consultation call to explore your options and decide if you'd like to work with me.

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