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Akashic Records Readings | Soul Readings

Access Guidance and Clarity, find your purpose, understand life challenges and gain a deeper sense of self with an Akashic Records Reading. 

If you find yourself wondering what your purpose is, or stuck in a pattern or need better understanding of the meaning of your life and how to make the best out of your time here, this is a wonderful reconnection to self that will bring clarity and guidance. Quantum Energy healing is offered with all my readings, to help you integrate the insights you receive and start changing your life today.

The Akashic Records are a living library/database that contains information about every soul in the universe. Your past, present and future/parallel are all carefully recorded.

The main goal of accessing your akashic records is to obtain spiritual guidance and insights that will assist in your personal growth.

The library is very vast. I recommend that you ask up to 5 focused questions. You may ask about your soul's purpose, the reason why a pattern keeps on repeating in your life, how to get stuck in life, explore career choices, love/relationships, past experiences, or ask guidance with a specific situation. Once I receive your questions, I'll work on your records and send you a detailed written report with all your answers. I'm happy to debrief together. 


It is a great idea to ask about certain issues in your life, relationships, physical ailments or anything that has been in your mind that you could use some clarity around. Your guides know you best, and they will lovingly answer to you. 

Please note we can't read the Akashic Records of a 3rd party- this reading is for you, to assist you.

It is best not to ask questions about the future - you are a sovereign being with free will and you are the designer and aligner of your life.


In order to access your records, I'll need your Full Legal Name (as it appears on your Government issued ID).


I access the Akashic Records via your Guides - they know you best and they will lovingly deliver your answers and more.

Many people experience shifts and improvement in their lives, sometimes even before the date of their session.

I have trained in this wonderful technique with Dr. Linda Howe.

About me

My name is Julia

I'm a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner (both QHHT and BQH), Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Master Dea, Akashic Records Reading Practitioner and Reiki facilitator Level II.

My sessions offer compassionate guidance and insights that will help you unlock the power of You. 

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