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Journey to your Soul's Purpose
Mastery Course

A practical guide and template to reconnection to self, finding  and living your soul’s purpose.
A Channeled Course | Practical Guidance | Hidden Knowledge | Ready to teach or add to your healing practice.

journey to your life's purpose mastery course

Over the past few months, I have personally gone through a profound transformation that led me to find myself, my life's purpose and in full communication with my higher self. My gifts and abilities have blossomed and even through ups and downs, I am finding myself liberated from stagnation, finding myself stuck in patterns or cycles that never end and truly motivated to make this life the best experience possible.

As I started preparing to teach the Acasma Master Course, I started feeling that we needed to go much, much deeper - through a process of self-healing and finding your true voice and purpose. A full on rebirth into the best version of you. 
This may look different and unique to each of you. And there are many ways and modalities and higher dimensional helpers available to assist you. My goal is to teach you a template that is easily replicated, regardless of the format and ways in which you arrive to the same objective:

A Soul Journey To One's Life's Purpose. 

Here are the details:

  • This is a 6 week master course

  • All classes will be recorded and you can re-take them as many times as you need to.

  • The class materials is fully channeled from the Akashic Records. Much of it is hidden knowledge that humanity is primed to receive and integrate at this time.

  • Each class will include a deep activation and journey to help you get to the core of you. 

  • This is a self-healing course first, and after finishing it, you will also receive all the materials nicely packaged for you to teach if you would like to, or to take it and make it your own.

  • You have unique abilities and gifts - we will get to the core of them, finding your very personal flavor.

Here is the complete syllabus:

Week 1 - April 13th 2024 

Overview of how we can truly heal our lives. Why do we feel trapped or stuck? Why do we repeat cycles or patterns? How is it all interconnected? Timelines, timeline loops.

Finding yourself exercise.

Week 2 - April 20th 2024 

How to heal the body. How to fully integrate your higher self. Finding and Living your purpose.

Integration of the higher self exercise.

Week 3 - April 27th 2024 

Entity release and why it matters. What exactly are entities, attachments and other types of energies we may experience at times.

Entity release exercise.

Week 4 - May 4th 2024 

Going deeper into yourself. The many layers of you.

Operating in your higher timeline. Creating in your higher timeline. Connecting in. Being able to read a space. 

Being here but not getting entangled.

Observing the emotions. Feeling them. And not allowing the creation of new consciousness.

Conscious creation process.

Going much deeper into yourself exercise, removing the layers of who you are not.


Week 5 May 11th 2024 

Relationships and how they shape us. How can we improve our relationship with family members, partners, and friendships. The mirror effect. 

Working through belief systems. Discovering your new beliefs, creating your new paradigm. Ending the cycle of being a follower, and starting to lead your own life. 

Learning from your relationships exercise. 


Week 6 May 18th 2024 

Teaching this as a template to others. Doing this work with others. Overview of the method.

Working with someone who is very entangled and stuck in endless loops of disease, relationships, abuse, substances. 

Compassionate yet neutral touch. Quick release.

Different methods to get to the core of who they are:

Quantum Healing, BQH, Shamanic journeys, QHHT, other types of hypnosis, Akashic Records readings, spiritual coaching. Working with other techniques you may enjoy, and how to take them deeper. (light language, sound healing, etc.). 

Starting with entity release first. Then navigating each trauma. Make it quickly and painless. Help the person get to the core of who they are. When to go deeper into how everything works, and when to just help them release who they are not.

The ultimate protection: living your highest purpose. Living your highest joy, everyday. Despite ups and downs, you find your center. 

End of this healing process exercise.

Some Questions you may have

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to join this class?

A: Ideally, you are well into your spiritual awakening. If you are reading this page, yes, you are!

Q: For those of you who studied Acasma with me, you may wonder if we will be practicing Acasma Healing.

A: Maybe, and not necessarily. You will find your own modality, your own frequency and ways in which your soul likes to work with others. For some of you, Acasma might be the one modality you feel closest to, and that is perfect. In the first run of this course (in Spanish), one of the students found her deep connection to Sirius and was taught exactly how she heals by her guides... and now is off to working this as a template, within the way in which she applies it, which is particular to her. In that example, she wouldn't be able to attune you to that energy, as it is connected to her soul and that is what she brings to this experience. In my own journey, I was presented with the energy and frequency of the Rose, and through a beautiful exploration, I was taught how to work with this particular energy directly from Mother Mary. As a result, the energy I now work with is more powerful for me, as it is exactly my higher self's purpose! I also found that I can get my clients to a much deeper level of healing through QHHT and I LOVE reading the Akashic Records, so it all comes together here.

Q: Will classes be taught live?

A: All classes are recorded and available to take at your own time.

Q: What is the cost of the course?

A: $444. This includes all 6 weeks of class, 6 activations and the class materials packaged ready for you to use in your practice or to teach.

Q: I'm really tight financially.

A: Payment plans and sliding scale are available for all who need them. If you need a payment plan or sliding scale, you can use my Paypal link below. Also, manifesting abundance is part of the curriculum :)


Q: I have more questions!

A: Great! email me at

Are you ready?

Join via any of the options below. Pay upfront, in 4 payment plans or if you need sliding scale, please use my Paypal link below.

  • Journey to your Soul's Purpose

    Mastery Course
    Valid for one month
  • Journey to your soul's purpose

    Every month
    Mastery Course
    Valid for 4 months
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