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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions  BQH

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session | Past Life Regression | Higher Self Hypnosis | BQH - Remote Via Zoom

Past Life Regression/Higher Self Hypnosis Sessions allow you to learn about yourself at a very deep level and ask your Higher Self your biggest life questions and receive profound guidance.

These sessions are conducted via Zoom, recorded to watch later and last about 3 hours.
If you are based in or around San Francisco, CA and would prefer an in person session, please see my QHHT details. 


I'm trained in Level II QHHT - Dolores Cannon's method- in addition to BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, that allows for these extraordinary sessions to be conducted remotely.

Upon booking your session, I'll be getting in touch with you to prepare you for your session and help inspire your questions for your Higher Self.

Quantum Hypnosis is a wonderful modality to explore the consciousness and dive deep into one's inner wisdom, the part of us we may refer to as our Higher Self to get to the root cause of issues/challenges in our life and to receive answers, guidance and healing that allow us to move forward in the best way.


Typically my hypnotherapy sessions last for 3-4 hours, sometimes even a little longer and it's best for you to take it easy for the rest of the day/evening to allow your body to rest and integrate the healing. During the session I’ll first get to know more about you by having you share your life story, go through the questions you want to ask and conditions/situations you wish to be healed. Then we'll go into the hypnosis part . After that, we will debrief, answer any questions you may have and make sure you are fully grounded before I end the session. I will be sending you the audio recording of your session so you can re-connect with the space and the guidance received.

Is Quantum Hypnosis Right for you?

Do you feel like you keep running into similar challenges? Or that you walk with a heavy burden on your shoulders because it is difficult to understand situations or really let go of things? Do you feel 'stuck' and can't seem to move forward? Are you looking for answers that just don't seem to come, and are you done with that? Did you know that you can make contact with a part of yourself that loves to give you those answers? Your own deeper consciousness/subconscious, or what we also call your Higher Self?

During the session, you will experience a guided daydream and an interesting conversation with your Higher Self. After just one session, you will know that you have all the answers within you and you will be given the key to access that state again and again if you wish. It really is simple! You just need to be open to the process, relax and talk. I create a safe space for your transformation, guiding you into the deepest trance state and asking the right questions, alongside your own, to get the most out of your session. When it's all over, you'll feel fresher and better than you have in a long time.

Many people experience shifts and improvement in their lives, sometimes even before the date of their session.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Quantum Hypnosis

Q: I can't visualize, is hypnosis right for me?

A: During your hypnosis session, you will be under a deep state of relaxation (theta state) where you can very easily access all of your senses. While visualizing is one of the senses you'll rely on, you'll also have a knowning, hearing, touch and even smell. The most important goal of this session is to have a productive dialogue with your subconscious mind. 

Q: I'm afraid I won't be able to open up enough to allow this connection.

A: We spend a good portion of your session getting to know each other, and your story. And under the deep state of relaxation I work in, it is very easy to let go of any worries. 

Q: Do we really need 3 hours or more?

A: Yes. We go very deep, so you don't have to take hundreds of sessions as with traditional therapy. For most... only one will do.

Q: Will I be seeing all my past lives?

A: Not necessarily. If there's an aspect of your past playing out in your present, then you'll see it so you can easily release it and move on. For example, if you have a deep phobia that isn't rooted on this present life's experience, there is a chance you'll have to revisit what the cause is, so you don't need to repeat the behavior or fear. Every session is wildly different from the next, and it is carefully planned by your subconscious mind. 

Q: What if I see something about myself that I don't want to see?

A: You only see what you are ready to see... it is all planned by your guides. 

Q: Is there an alternative to hypnosis?

A: Yes! Please see my Akashic Records Readings. We get to the same profound dialogue with your Higher self without having to experience hypnosis. 

Q: I have more questions!

A: Feel free to book a complimentary call to feel into my energy and decide if this is right for you, or simply email me at any time. 


About me

My name is Julia

I'm a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner (both QHHT and BQH) and Akashic Records Reading Practitioner.

My sessions offer compassionate guidance and insights that will help you unlock the power of You. 

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