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How to listen to your higher self

As a QHHT practitioner, I can tell you one of the main questions I hear is how can I "hear" my higher self? How can I access this higher guidance, this part of me that -allegedly!- has all the answers and understands how everything works?

While under hypnosis, it is very easy to get to a space where pure dialogue with your higher self flows easily. But on our daily life, it is hard to discern what is our inner chatter and what is the higher self.

Let me break it down for you, and give you concrete tips to get to that easy, flowing connection to your higher mind, your super conscious, your subconscious mind, or your soul - it doesn't matter how you call it, really!

Your being, in this present time, in this life, operates this way: Your Body has its own consciousness, and your soul has its own consciousness.

The Body's Consciousness

Your body is an intricate, complicated and perfect "machine" that allows you to experience life on Earth in this moment in time.

This body of you is quite intelligent, and has its own consciousness.

The body holds all the memories, everything you learn throughout your life, everything you experience, any traumas, social pressure, social expectations, belief systems, and even simply things as remembering how to walk, talk, eat, etc.

The body holds your personality (however you shape it through the years, through experiences), your mind, your heart, your emotions, and "talks" to you via physical sensations, discomfort, and even illnesses. More on how to heal your body here.

The Soul's Consciousness

Your soul has then its own consciousness. And it is the truest part of you, who you truly are are your core.

Your soul came into this life with dreams, aspirations, and a number of experiences that you want to go through.

In order to experience life on Earth, you took on this body - which is perfect for what you set yourself to do.

But often times the challenge is to get the body's consciousness to cooperate with the soul's consciousness...

Integrating the body and soul's consciousnesses

Your soul (or your higher self for that matter) "talks" to the body's consciousness via inspiration and intuition.

The body relies on physical senses, knowledge, experience, collective ideas and beliefs, and holds on to all the emotions you go through as you live through trauma... relationships... or you learn something new... or your listen to the news... or you listen to your parents... or you follow a guru or teacher.... or what you think you "should" do, and what is "expected" for you to do. Not to mention memories from past lives...!

The body's mind thinks that the intuition is just a dream or a fantasy. That inspiration is cute but not reliable or can possibly pay the bills.

The soul's consciousness is really set what you came here to do. And keeps on planting dreams and inspiration in your mind, in hopes you will respond.

And here's the breakthrough:

As you listen to your intuition and follow your inspiration... then you give space for serendipity to do its job... and then an opportunity presents itself, you suddenly meet a really cool person, or your whole life changes due to some very unexpected surprise (or you can call it a miracle, same thing).

But how can you distinguish the inner voice and know if your ideas are just your conscious mind or your higher self's inspiration?

This is a feeling, you can feel it in your heart. We are talking about something so fun and so interesting to you that it truly intrigues you.

And how can you let go of the conscious mind that tells you things aren't feasible, that you don't have the money for it, or that whatever cool dream you have won't pay the bills or the relationship you dream of if simply not available for you? (another rabbit hole here...! we'll get to it soon).

This is something you can slowly ease into.

You may follow your inspiration once, just to try, just to see how this all works. Try with something small, and see how it goes. How your miracles unfold. And then maybe another day you'll trust your inner voice a little better.... and a little better.

A fun tool for you to experiment communicating with your inner guidance

A pendulum can be a really easy tool to start testing your connection. A great way of learning how to use it is to take Suzanne Spooner's TAULK class. I really enjoyed it myself and I highly recommend it.

Another similar way of using a pendulum would be to use a piece of paper (maybe go for A4 size to allow movement of the pendulum) and whenever you have a question, you wonder about a couple of options, roads to take, write down the potential responses, one on each corner of the piece of paper (or 3 or more), position the pendulum in the center of the page and have see where it moves, to show you the answer.

Hopefully this image illustrates my rudimentary - yet so fun- idea:

And here's a fun metaphor my guides shared to help me understand this concept of body and soul's consciousness and how it all works out:

Imagine you have this big idea that you would like riding horses. So you take yourself to a horse sanctuary, where there are tons of horses that are in rehabilitation, after going through trauma, abuse, and all kinds of really tough experiences. We are talking about horses with anxiety, that aren't used to be led, and won't trust humans.

So you look around, and there's this beautiful, shiny, strong, wonderful horse. You know this is a GOOD horse. So you go and adopt it.

You try taking your horse to the beach, but the horse is so terrified, because he had learned that humans are not to be trusted, and he refuses to move. In fact, he pushes to go back in his stable, and is upset that you won't help him do that - you're pulling his lead so tight!

So he is stuck. He can't go back to his stable, he refuses to go to the beach, and you are not that amazing either in his eyes as you won't help.

But you try again, and again, and you keep on showing up, and one day after you gain his trust, you two manage to make it to the beach, and it is so so so good. Now he knows, what you wanted him to do was a good thing!

So over time you guys are a great team, and you go on more and more adventures. And he knows to trust you, and as he cooperates with your dream, you definitely open up all the gates for him.

Now, in this metaphor, the rider represents your soul's consciousness. The beautiful horse represents your body's consciousness.

The more you trust... the more your higher consciousness will "open up the gates" for you, as you follow your path.

Once you start slowly following your path, you get to know yourself intimately, and you get excited about your journey ahead... then the Universe provides, and then life can become real fun.

And that's how manifesting can be better explained... much easier, right?

Will you still experience hardship, and trauma?

Most likely, if you still have lessons to learn, or a set of situations you want to do better than last time... but going through them with the awareness that they happen for you and not to you can be incredibly liberating and helpful as you learn to listen more and more to your higher self.

So how do you get your body's consciousness to truly cooperate and integrate with your higher self?

The best thing you can do, aside from improving how much you listen... is to work on the traumas, the memories, the wrong beliefs, the strong pull to listen to others' opinions, others' expectations, societal norms and ways in which you've been doing things up until now that are definitely not helping you live your highest purpose. Next, I'll show you the best way to go about this in an effective, easy and fast way. But it requires a good communication with your higher self... so I'll leave you here to practice, until we meet again.

With love,




My name is Julia Lera

I'm a QHHT Practitioner Level II, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader. This is the space where I share all the hidden knowledge that help us get unstuck. Join me on a journey to the depths of your soul. 

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