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Why you are stuck in life and how to break endless cycles

During one my recent QHHT sessions, the Higher Self brought this topic to my attention. Intrigued, I later accessed the Akashic Records to expand on this topic and understand it at a deeper level.

I will be sharing the whole story, how it all happened and how to get out - however even if you don't fully grasp or resonate with the multi-dimensional behind-the-scenes background, the steps are simple and very powerful.

I started writing on this topic here, and today we are diving in greater detail.

More often than not, we tend to experience the same situation over and over. Sometimes it may not "look" like the same situation, sometimes it is a pattern, a cycle, that keeps on coming back.

At a collective level, some examples are the topics the media pushes people to talk about, then it goes silent, then it comes back and people start debating again, then nobody remembers anymore, only to come back a few months later (examples are issues with guns/shootings, issues around mortgage rates, predictions that a great crisis is about to start, talks about layoffs, then all tech companies are hiring again, only to layoff thousands of people again, etc. And the same will go with presidential debates, if you were to watch old debates from past elections, you'll see this clearly as they keep on debating the same topics).

In your personal life, you may be stuck in a job or career you don't enjoy, you may be going around friendships that go through cycles, relationships where issues come and go, or if you have been dating, perhaps the same type of person keeps on being in your life (a very clear example would be you keep on dating people with alcohol issues, or people with no jobs, etc.).

Other cycles may present in all aspects of your life: with your children, with neighbors, with projects you start, going back to the same vacation spot year after year - and there's one underlying feeling: you keep on hoping for a different outcome... but you keep repeating the same situation.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” attributed to Albert Einstein.

As a smart individual who has been working on bettering yourself, you may ask: why do you keep on getting stuck, then?

The multidimensional background

(you may skip this part if any talk of E.T. races and multidimensional history is not your cup of tea. Scroll down to how to get unstuck).

The Universe is infinite, and there are infinite civilizations and races. Many have been interacting with Earth for eons.

Some with good intentions, some without.

And to better understand this, it is important to highlight that all timelines and dimensions are parallel, even though specifically here on Earth, time is linear and we operate on the basis of past, present and future.

Some of these civilizations have lost themselves, their connection with the One Infinite Creator, some have lost their planets and trauma from those events are still very much reverberating.

One particular event was a war in Orion. In many of my sessions, memories of this time has been recalled in great detail, from many different individuals that don't know each other and hadn't even read anything on the topic.

Now, the collectives that were a part of that are still going around, and instead of weapons of mass destruction... they now mess around with timelines. They go back in time to mess some event, then back ahead, then they correct something else. The biggest issue is that they have placed Orion in a loop, and as a result Earth is mirroring that loop, not only at a collective level, but at the individual level, most of humanity is trapped in endless timeline loops.

The good news is: with awareness and a simple yet powerful method, you can get yourself untangled.

How to get unstuck in life (from endless timeline loops, cycles/patterns)

The first thing to recognize is that you may be stuck not only in one collective loop, but at your individual level, it is likely that you are stuck in several timeline loops.

The second important idea is to understand that you mustn't fight a loop. They will continue to loop... ad infinitum... what you want is to "jump" to a higher timeline when the issues reflected in the loop are not an issue at all.

The third concept is understanding that a loop is held by anchors. Energetically, something is anchoring to a loop.

For example, a timeline loop where you can't have a steady income (abundance) remains stuck with money as an anchor. The concept of there's only limited amount of money, not enough for all, and not accessible for you. Understanding how to truly manifest abundance will get you out of this loop (the short answer: follow your highest joy, listen to your higher self, learn to listen to your intuition and inspiration and act on them).

Another example: your family dynamics - lots of endless conflict, patterns you can't break, people in your family that trigger the heck out of you and keep you stuck. An anchor to that dynamic might be guilt. Guilt can be ingrained very deeply, and most likely it is generational. You can break guilt by taking a few minutes in meditation to remember times where you have experienced guilt, bring in the Light of Source to those emotions and memories, and very intentionally release them. The next time your family members guilt-trip you, catch yourself, and don't fall for it. React with full confidence, integrated with your higher self. As they see your reaction, they will react differently, breaking the cycle.

As you take yourself through the exercise of finding the anchors and releasing them, the next step is crucial to understand: as you remove yourself- with grace and self-compassion- from an endless cycle, you'll start choosing a higher timeline that doesn't operate as a loop. And the way to know you are operating from that timeline is by the awareness, full knowing, that those issues are resolved. A bit of a mind trick at first as you get used to, but the key here is to really open up the dialogue with your higher mind.

If you can't get into this space with meditation alone, call in an ascended master's help, or your angels, archangels or higher self. They are always with you, ready to help only when you ask them to. I personally work with Mother Mary - and it has become second nature to run this exercise. Even throughout the day, I ask her to show me something that is keeping me stuck. I close my eyes, and memories start pouring in. I identify the anchor (it can be guilt, shame, jealousy, societal expectations, trying to impress somebody, low self-esteem, etc.). I then call in the Light of Source to help me release it... and I move on with my day. You don't need to do this all at once, a little at a time is perfectly fine.

You may call this shadow work... or just clearing beliefs that keep you stuck.

A deeper anchor: entities, attachment, darker energies and more

In same cases, there's a deeper anchor in place, rooted in entities that keep you stuck. This is a bigger subject that deserves its own write up - and will come in next (I'll link it once available so you can follow your little rabbit hole here).

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