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Is magic real?

A friend of mine and I got into a conversation around magic, as we were discussing some current events, and what is truly going on behind the scenes.

After our dialogue, I connected in, and the Arcturian Council lovingly offered the below explanation.

Is magic real? Is dark magic even a thing? Is it all fantasy? 

Is magic real? The Arcturian Council's perspective

Q: Are we all under a spell?

A: Multiple spells.

The whole life is a spell.

Every timeline is a spell.

Every road is a spell.

We speak words into existence.

Creation itself is a spell.

There are good creations and not so good creations.

What appears to be magic is something so undoubtedly “magic” or mysterious, it can only be described as magic.

But anything really is magic.

The magic is in the air.

Magic is creation.

You can create from love or you can create from hate.

The result is your duality reality.

What can we do?

Find yourself.

And as you find yourself you find your truth.

How do we reconcile this type of information with what we experience in the 3D reality?

The body consciousness can’t grasp it.

The soul knows.

The heart can feel it.

The heart feels the truth.

The heart can sense that this reality is not all. The heart knows there is more.

You can only push through faith.

Without faith, there isn't a path. Without faith there is no meaning to life.

Without faith your existence loses all meaning.

You then continue to grind, tethered to a routine, to the concept of time.

Tethered to a reality that is held only by the collective thoughts.

You can connect with that matrix or you can connect with the original matrix, the creatrix matrix. The rose matrix.

You choose at this point as both are presented before you.

Red pill, blue pill. You get to choose at this point.

It is no longer a possibility. It is a choice.

Would you step into your faith? Or would you remain tethered to a false reality?

Governments are crumbling.

Systems of oppression are crumbling.

What is something you are really good at, something that you enjoy doing, experiences your heart jumps at? Then that’s the focus. And when you are focused on what you are here to do, then magic happens. Then miracles unfold. Then serendipity and full reunion of self happen. 

You are the key.

You follow your inspiration. Your intuition. 

And when you are busy following your intuition and inspiration, then magic happens.

You have the key. You are the key.

Q: Let’s talk briefly about dark magic.

A: It is all about the intention behind it. You can create with love or you can create with hate. 

But love always wins. Love is the very fabric of creation itself. Then a creation birthed out of hate can’t “compete”. It can create a temporary illusion, but it isn’t rooted in truth. 

Dark magic can put on a show. 

A show of lights in the sky. Fear inducing sounds.

Separation of souls. 

But the soul always finds its way. 

And the way is through the heart.

The key is in your heart.

The simplest form of awakening is truly to focus on what brings you joy. Do more of that. Then the roads open.

If you see a rock on the path, you may focus on it, worry, fear. Or you can just see it as what it is. A rock on the path.

Then you walk around it, or over it, or under it. It doesn’t matter. It is simply a rock. 

Is working with magic spells a thing?

For some, that is the path.

For others, that isn’t in their blueprint.

That is one small aspect of creation, of true magic.

Another aspect is being able to recognize when something is a show, a futile attempt. Something that is projecting a reality simply with the only goal to derail you, to distract you.

And the greater the awareness, the clearer the choice.

Choose to find your key. Choose to use your key wisely.

The inner child is a living memory of your blueprint. 

Connecting in with your inner child reminds you of what is at your core. What you are here to unlock.

What did you enjoy doing at age 8?

Reach into those memories.

Your inner child will feel happiness and safety as you fulfill that dream.

No matter if you “don’t have resources” or “don’t know what to do” or “that is silly”. You reach into your memories. Think of yourself at 8 years of age. What did you love doing? That is the simplest, raw form.

Now take it to the next level. That is how you unlock your path. Your mission.

It is simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. That’s it. Hold that thought. Now execute on it.

Does it need to be “grand”?

Yes, it is grand and miraculous and life changing, but the perception of what grand, miraculous and life changing has been altered. Through the media, you have been taught to think of that in very distorted ways. Fame, money, recognition.

None of that is real.

That is your dark magic, right there.

The image of the physical, the tangible gain.

The soul’s mission has nothing to do with the physical and the tangible.

It has all to do with the expansion of the heart.

Then the miracles unfold.

Then magic creates.

Then you are magic.

And you are the key.

Now go and create. Blessings.



My name is Julia Lera

I'm a QHHT Practitioner Level II, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader. This is the space where I share all the hidden knowledge that help us get unstuck. Join me on a journey to the depths of your soul. 

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