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Feeling off? This is what the Higher Consciousness Had to Say...

If you are an empath or you are able to read energies easily, you may have been feeling off lately. There has been quite the solar activity, with the Aurora Borealis being visible to many of us.

This is what the Higher Consciousness had to say about these past few weeks:

"This is a time of great uproar and heightened emotions. All memories of karma, trauma, anger and trapped emotions are gently being pulled for most people. These are energies that Mother Earth is pushing, with the assistance of the Sun. it is inevitable as the planet ascends, humans can’t move with all those entrapments.

For many, including you, this has been a difficult experience.

Much rest is needed.

You may feel your energy completely depleted. Confusion. Lack of faith. Followed by a renewed faith.

Lack of perspective, followed by a deeper sense of awareness.

It is all normal and part of the planetary plan.

Mother Gaia is moving forward very quickly. Some are more sensitive than others to these current changes.

The energetic field is cracked. Cracked open. Revealing everything that needs to be poured out. 

Journaling, reflection, and walks under the full moon are all great practices that can alleviate the symptoms. 

Memories of old pain are bubbling up - from this and old past timelines. 

It is a time of recalibration.

Adjusting to the new frequencies the planet is emoting. 

Our circuitry is shaken".

Try to rest, ground and allow yourself to process any memories, emotions, grief that may be bubbling up to you. You are ready to release it.

You may find my latest healing and activation space helpful in navigating these energies and strengthening your connection to your higher self:

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Oh Julia! I’m so happy for you!! 🥰❤️

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Much love to you, Chantyl!


Thanks so much for this update Julia.

It all makes so much more sense now. I have had alot of old emotions "bubble up" the past few weeks and even an old health issue return. And I have definitely not been feeling my energetic self.

I am looking forward to a deeper awareness and more clarity.

Sending you and everyone in this space love and healing to navigate these waves of rebirth.

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Similar over here... sending so much love your way!


Perfect timing. Thank you.

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it has been quite the time...! sending hugs ❤️



My name is Julia Lera

I'm a QHHT Practitioner Level II, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader. This is the space where I share all the hidden knowledge that help us get unstuck. Join me on a journey to the depths of your soul. 

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