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The Living Oracle -  The Space Where Hidden Knowledge comes to Light

In this space, I share information uncovered from the Akashic Records and from profound QHHT & BQH sessions - Quantum Healing Hypnosis. My main goal is to help us heal, find ourselves and live purposely. Read this information carefully, and practice the guidance you receive. Then you will find your truest you. This is how we change the world, one soul at a time. There is no rush, and you are right on time. 

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If you are an empath or you are able to read energies easily, you may have been feeling off lately. There has been quite the solar activity, with the Aurora Borealis being visible to many of us.

This is what the Higher Consciousness had to say about these past few weeks:

"This is a time of great uproar and heightened emotions. All memories of karma, trauma, anger and trapped emotions are gently being pulled for most people. These are energies that Mother Earth is pushing, with the assistance of the Sun. it is inevitable as the planet ascends, humans can’t move with all those entrapments.

For many, including you, this has been a difficult experience.

Much rest is needed.

You may feel your energy completely depleted. Confusion. Lack of faith. Followed by a renewed faith.

Lack of perspective, followed by a deeper sense of awareness.

It is all normal and part of the planetary plan.

Mother Gaia is moving forward very quickly. Some are more sensitive than others to these current changes.

The energetic field is cracked. Cracked open. Revealing everything that needs to be poured out. 

Journaling, reflection, and walks under the full moon are all great practices that can alleviate the symptoms. 

Memories of old pain are bubbling up - from this and old past timelines. 

It is a time of recalibration.

Adjusting to the new frequencies the planet is emoting. 

Our circuitry is shaken".

Try to rest, ground and allow yourself to process any memories, emotions, grief that may be bubbling up to you. You are ready to release it.

You may find my latest healing and activation space helpful in navigating these energies and strengthening your connection to your higher self:

Through history, humanity has experienced different levels of balance between men and women - battles over control, power, oppression, all the way to the other side of the spectrum, where that sense of balance was also lost.

Yet everything is simply an experience. Duality. Balancing our place in life. Finding our true colors. Liberating ourselves from our own "jail".

Below I will share the message I channeled when going deep into exploration of the Divine Feminine essence, finding myself in Aphrodite's Temple. This is Her message:

"The time has come, the time of reunion. Coming back to center, realigning, leaving the past in the past, forging a new future, building what can be.

There was a correction in how the feminine was coming up before, sort of to overcome the patriarchy, but it was done in a way that was distorted and too much to the other side. And now it's coming into balance. But the balance needs to be found inside each female. It's not an external thing. The balance is inside the female. And once the female reaches that balance, then the masculine can follow.

This isn't something you can force upon the masculine, but the female is the one correcting it. Because patriarchy only happened because the female allowed it. So it's only corrected when the female finds her balance.

Instead of blaming the masculine so much and blaming patriarchy, the answer is to find the balance within.

It's only prolonged because you give the masculine all the power. You just deliver it in a tray. The masculine is not even asking for it.

 In the balance of duality, we have made the masculine be the darkness, which created the chaos.

But the female needs to take on the darkness role, when you look at the the yin and yang symbol, white is the masculine, the black part is the feminine, because the feminine transmutes, and from the darkness of the womb, life is created. So when you invert the roles, and you make the female the white part, energetically, it cuts the life force.

Balance of the divine feminine - Yin and Yang

[I then saw a vision of a high heel shoe- an instrument of distorted beauty, it ungrounds women and disconnects them from their original natural beauty. Her message continued]

All the ornamentation for women, big earrings, jewellery, it has all this weight that keep you down, such as uncomfortable clothing, beauty things, nails. Nail polish is very harmful, perms, there is a form of self enslavement and part of finding that balance is to get out of all of them and finding your own beauty and embracing your natural beauty as it is, which is way more beautiful than the image you are trying to portray with all these ornaments and chemicals. So when you allow your full beauty to shine through, then people can really, truly soak your essence. Before, you are hiding yourself and your power. And it's very empowering to get rid of all of it. And then all of your gifts can come through because you're not blocking them.

This is part of the enslavement of the feminine, but it needs to be undone with love and compassion, not blaming the masculine or any energies. It was just an experience to come out the other side. So there's no need to judge why we did it and who did it. It doesn't matter”.

I was later reflecting on this self-imposed ways in which we present ourselves as women, wearing certain clothes, dieting to look a certain way, coloring our hair, makeup, and there is just such freedom in a man that couldn't care less about any of that, and simply IS. And when you simply ARE, in all your glory, without anything enslaving you, then you true light shines through.

And it isn't "letting yourself go", rather not feeling enslaved. You may nurture your body, embellish it, are for your body - your soul's temple and vessel-, however the WHY and HOW can make a huge difference in how you live life, from complete and absolute freedom.

This freedom is found within. It is not something to enforced, or fight for in a demonstration. This is you, being your most radiant you. No more masks. No more trying to be who you are not. Not more trying to fit within the confines of a physical model that was imposed to women through the media, movies, models, advertisements. That isn't what life is all about.

Come back home, now 🌹.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine - Finding your balance
The Rise of the Divine Feminine - Finding your balance

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