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The Living Oracle -  The Space Where Hidden Knowledge comes to Light

In this space, I share information uncovered from the Akashic Records and from profound QHHT & BQH sessions - Quantum Healing Hypnosis. My main goal is to help us heal, find ourselves and live purposely. Read this information carefully, and practice the guidance you receive. Then you will find your truest you. This is how we change the world, one soul at a time. There is no rush, and you are right on time. 

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Many people have been feeling stronger energies, a sense of lack of purpose, meaning and some are currently in a state of void or spiritual emptiness.

In dialogue with the Higher Consciousness during a recent QHHT session, I got to ask these questions. Below I'm sharing some excerpts our my conversation:

Me: Why do we  feel at times that there's no point in being here?  There's a feeling of being in the void,  or spiritual emptiness,  in this 3D. 

Higher Self: There is no point.  

Life is meaningless until you assign a meaning to it.  And it's okay to feel this way.  It's okay to be in the void. 

Because that's where all the creations come from.  Allow yourself to be back  in this black, velvet, void space.  Allow yourself to be  part of the all manifest. 

Until that energy starts  bursting into the light, into vibrations that travel through different dimensions  to become the creation  that you are longing  to create.  

Time is accelerating. Because time is a  construct.  And when your frequency is  rising,  this construct now has  less of a  hold on you. 

So, the impact of  a longer manifestation is getting diminished with the new energy coming in. 

And you are able to create faster because you can,  it's easier for you to be outside of linear time. 

Me: How can we create financial abundance?

HS: As long as you aligns your intention with your life’s purpose, things will effortlessly happen for you.  Abundance will flow to you. 

When you  align with the new energy, then the feeling of burden will be transmuted  into effortless manifest. It's the path of least resistance.  It's part of the game you're playing. 

The old game is crumbling. 

But the new energies are coming through.  And the new energy brings new structures.  

New structures in society and new structures in your  life.  

What are these new structures looking like?  Are they starting to anchor?  They start to take shape  in the physical world.  It will take some linear time for them to stabilize, for them to be set in place. And more souls will be coming to anchor this energy. People who are of the  same frequency.

Me: And it looks like we're in it right now. It's the beginning of the  end of the old structure.  And what about the sun and the solar flares? Is that all part of it?  

HS: Yes. The solar flares bring in  light codes. They reach the Earth,  helping her with her ascension process.  You are all of the Earth.  You go up in frequency together with her. . 

Mother Earth helps you transmute your emotions, your feelings,  through constant releasing of the past. In making peace, you  come to terms with the now.

There are many timelines on Earth right now for each soul here. Each soul can choose  to experience something different. It's done by your vibration.  You get what you are

You can learn to  accept your feelings and love your feelings. They're all neutral. They come and go. 

When you  accept  you are in the void,  when you  accept that  you are  feeling  meaningless,  then that helps you to  connect  with the part of you  that will bring more love, that will raise your vibration and from  complete peace.

That starts with accepting where you are. Because everything is constantly changing in the universe. 

You can let them pass. 

And then you connect with a sense of peace and love.  And from that space, you can attract. 

It's a beautiful dance  between  the part of you that is  still  and that part of you  that wants to experience. 

In dialogue with the higher consciousness, I recently asked about the nature of this reality. Here's what they had to say:

The projection of the mind is a construct. Just like other collective constructs.

The physical space is provided. The human body is provided. The higher self experiences from a completely different point of view. And it is in a way incarnated but also coexisting with the collective. At times the individual is just a body. At times it is the higher self. It is a dance. Of ups and downs. 

The body feels alone. Feels solace. The higher self feels oneness. Love.

There is an inherent incompatibility of energies. 

The game is played in a vast field. Much like foosball, one player can manage a couple of figurines at a time. That is the oversoul. 

The oversoul oversees a collection of players. 

Fragments of the soul, fragments of the light. The same fractals of the same side. There is a sound resonance within those players. Everything goes back to sound.

Sound creates. Sound heals. Sound clears, cleanses.

Light language is the purest expression of your soul. Explore your sounds, your tones, your soul's song and see how far you can take it. Then go further.

This holographic reality is a journey to discovery, of finding yourself, of finding your sound. Your unique voice and point of view.

Everyone is playing a role.

There are light codes weaved within these words. Take a moment to soak them in. Let them clear you, elevate you. It is all Love.

Only Love is real.

It is the return to Love.

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