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How to manifest (According to the Higher Self)

Manifesting is quite the popular topic, and with so many experts in the area monetizing this ability we all seem to have... it is only natural that the question comes up very frequently in Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions.

During a Quantum Hypnosis sessions, I get to speak to the higher consciousness, as well as higher dimensional beings that once in a while come through to share their wisdom and guidance. Combined with my daily Akashic explorations, let me present you with what I have learned so far (and it might surprise you).

How to manifest according to the higher self

There are many pieces to this puzzle - but let's start with a concept we introduced in an earlier post, about the body and the soul's consciousness and how to listen to your higherself.

You are a soul - with ideas, aspirations, plans, things you want to experience, things you may want to correct from an earlier experience (that's what's commonly referred to as karma - which isn't a punishment, rather something you want to re-do, to make better).

You choose to come to this plane of existence, and you choose a body to inhabit. This body is a perfect organic "machine" that can do wonders. (On that note, how to heal your body is also related).

So your soul has a consciousness, or in other words, you could say you are consciousness. And your body... also has its own consciousness.

The body uses all 5 physical senses to perceive the world, retains all your memories, shapes up a personality based on experiences, trauma, social conventions, what you learn in school. It may develop fears, blocks, illness, and it may even host entities (fun topic, we'll get into it next).

The soul has to in a way make it work with the body - very gently and subtly communicating intentions via intuition and inspiration.

The body trusts what it knows - science, facts, physicality, etc.

The soul's consciousness can truly make anything happen. Anything... as long as it aligns with the path laid out for this lifetime.

When you follow your inspiration and intuition... then serendipity happens. Then miracles can unfold. Then "coincidences" happen. Synchronicities. Opportunities. Doors opening.

Here's a metaphor the Higher Self brought up (and we can call them "they" as they typically speak in the first person plural... as it has reached Oneness).

Imagine that you have this dream of riding horses. You think it would be just so nice to ride a horse on the beach, feel the breeze on your face, enjoy the freedom, the gentle galloping. Feeling the energy of a beautiful horse.

So you take yourself to the nearest horse sanctuary. You know, the place where horses that have had a really tough life may end up in - horses with anxiety, big trauma, who were not taken care of nicely.

You go in and find this beautiful, shiny, tall, majestic horse.

And on a whim you adopt him.

You try grabbing him and push him to the exit so you can go ride at the nearby beach.

But this horse has a lot of fear, so many bad memories, won't trust another human. So the horse rebels, and pushes to go back to the stable.

You pull back - trying to convince the horse to cooperate... to no avail. You even shut the door to the stable so the horse is virtually stuck.

In the horse's mind... you are not helping! you are blocking him from going safely to the stable!

From your point of view... your idea of riding on the beach is truly wonderful and you are a very nice person!

So over time with lots of patience you work on building your trust with your horse, and one day, (finally!) this gorgeous horse decides to be ok with leaving past the fence... and slowly but surely you make your way to the beach. And the beach is just as wonderful as you had said it would be... and along the way, there was a field of carrots! and even other horses he had never seen before.

Now, bringing it back to our terms... imagine your soul's consciousness is the rider, and the horse represents your body's consciousness.

The body's consciousness isn't used to listening to your intuition and inspiration. It may see some visions of something that sounds wonderful... but immediately thinks: "Well, I don't have the money to do that", or "I don't have the skills, I'd have to go back to school for that", or "There's no way he'd love me back, look at me!".

Your soul (yes, You!) has a path - a bunch of ideas, things it wants to experience, feel into, learn from and expand.

And at times it may feel like nothing is working for you. Suddenly, you lose your job, you are barely making ends meet with some scrappy savings, or your house starts breaking apart, or your body starts aching in all kinds of places, or relationships seem to end from out of nowhere.

Is that the Universe not helping you?

Is it because your vibration "isn't high enough"?

Is it because you aren't doing manifesting meditations and visualizing your dreams, acting as if they are already yours?

Not really.

Normally, what you think you want to manifest... is your own soul's ideas... communicated via inspiration/intuition.

So for example, you may have a strong desire to move to the beach. And you keep on thinking about it - wouldn't it be so nice?

But your body's consciousness says: "how could I afford that? That is impossible". And you get stuck. Frozen. Take 0 action anywhere, immediately discard any form of a dream.

Then your business "all of the sudden" tanks. Literally, you have no idea why or how. But your income is gone.

You try visualizing, you try telling the Universe you are ready for your miracle, but at the same time, you put a ton of effort in getting your business back in action. But nothing seems to work.

So what would happen if you follow your intuition and inspiration?

Once you unchain yourself from what is keeping you from moving towards your path... then the fun part starts. Then the miracles align.

Then you very much out of the blue receive an inheritance. (And of course, you go through your grief... but at the same time all of the sudden you have your ticket to paradise).

So how can you manifest, then?

  1. Open the channel of communication with your higher self. (here's how)

  2. Align with your soul’s path. Stop trying to go for the fence. Allow your higher self to take you to the beach for that beautiful ride.

  3. Then you may find a carrot along the way. Maybe a friend will be on the path.

  4. There’s a main path, then there are infinite possibilities of other fun things that can happen.

  5. And within the path, there might be experiences you have aligned to expand your mind, your heart and awareness. For example, you may choose to learn how to grow plants. You may want to choose to learn how consciousness works. You may want to learn the true definition of faith. You may want to learn all about entities and how they operate, so you can help others that tend to get entangled with them.

  6. Then it doesn’t matter the method, what matters is that you are on your path, fulfilling your soul’s purpose. You are living free of chains. Free of self judgment. Free of shame, guilt, jealousy. Fully, unapologetically and beautifully you. 

  7. What brings you joy? What inspires you? What would you do if you weren’t scared of being you? 

If it sounds almost "too easy" is because it is. But what about the obstacles we may face? What about entities, deep set trauma, dealing with narcissistic relationships, debt, deeply loving someone that doesn't seem to love you back, or wanting something that is seemingly impossible?

I did mention... there are many pieces to this puzzle- And there's much more to come, so stay tuned as we piece it all together.

In the meantime, the very best thing you can do, is start following your inspiration and intuition in very little, easy steps. Nothing too big or intimidating.

Go visit the baby goats that were just born in the nearby farm. Go to the beach for a nice walk. Call that friend that keeps on popping in your mind. Read that book you keep on seeing around.

You never know what might be in store for you...

For a fun little reminder, here's a screensaver I made for my phone to remind me of today's lesson, sharing in case you may want to try using it for a few days.

California poppies hold a very special meaning for me. They are so bright, happy, and they literally grow anywhere near me (even in some random cement parking lots). They also represent me making the best out of being in a place I probably wouldn't have chosen myself - but I now happily embrace... until Serendipity happens :)

Happy manifesting! - I mean: happy connecting with your soul!

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Jun 10

I am loving your blogs😍. Thank you, Julia🙏🏼💝🙏🏼💝



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