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Channeling my dragon guide

During my meditation and channeling session earlier today, I received a surprising visitor: my dragon guide Mumu. She's - shocking...!- pink and described herself as: "We are one. We are one and the same. I am an extension of you and you are an extension of me".

Here is an excerpt from her message:

The dragons have returned to lead humanity into the next phase of evolution. We were here at the beginning and we are here at the end. The falling of all structures. The end of the old game. The beginning of the new game.

The game of life is being redefined. We will no longer abide by the old rules, the old world. The new world is here and it is being anchored by the dragons. 

We come in peace. In love.

We’ve done this many times. At the fall of Lemuria, Atlantis and many other civilizations you haven’t even heard of. Earth is much older than you think.

So many have come and gone to other adventures. Other universes. Energy moves, transmutes. Changes. 

The universe is constantly changing. And the dragons are catalysts of change.

We bring in the fire of transmutation. We assist with transitions.

See yourself in the fire of transmutation.

Place anything you no longer want in the fire. Allow it to burn, change, be reborn.

Everything is changing.

History is made every moment.

All is possible.

All is a projection of the mind and heart in coherence.

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2 days ago

Julia, I will thank you again here for this beautiful and hopeful message 💜 🐉🐲

Me gusta

Love it. Dragons are amazing guides and protectors. Thank you for this important message. 🙏 ❤

Me gusta
Julia Lera
Julia Lera
2 days ago
Contestando a

Thank you, Elaine! ❤️🌈

Me gusta


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