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A new way of praying

Updated: Mar 23

I choose to integrate all aspects of myself, present, past, future, dimensions, existence planes and realms into this NOW.

I choose to integrate my physical body with my light body, charging my magnetic field with God light.

Love is my power source and my way.

I choose to ignore the noise, the chatter, the prophesies, and simply carry on with my journey to self-mastery.

Practicing loving detachment when needed, protecting my light and acknowledging the lessons played by me and others in this Big Game called Life.

And so it is.

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My name is Julia Lera

I'm a QHHT Practitioner Level II, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader. This is the space where I share all the hidden knowledge that help us get unstuck. Join me on a journey to the depths of your soul. 

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