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Acasma Quantum Meditations

These guided meditations have been infused with Acasma Quantum Energy, designed to help you get to a relaxed state with ease while you receive an Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Session. Simply lay down in a comfortable position, ideally with headphones and let the energy flow through you. Both available in English and Spanish and through Vimeo or MP3 file you can play here. 

Acasma Meditation in English

Meditación Acasma en Español

Acasma with Julia Music Link EnglishArtist Name
00:00 / 32:50
Meditación Cuántica - Acasma con JuliaMeditaión Cuántica en Español
00:00 / 32:42
New! Quantum Journey Meditations

Journey to Creation - Theta state meditation - Acasma Quantum Energy Meditation

Inspired by a profound channeled message I received September 2023, I've created these special meditations to re-program your subconscious mind and unlock your creator abilities. Manifest with me, a whole new world. Both spaces bring you into a theta state, where you can access your higher knowing. Happy journeying! Julia

Align a Miracle - Quantum Journey Meditation (remastered)

Quantum Journey - Manifest miraclesAcasma with Julia
00:00 / 22:32
Connect with my latest activation

Additional Meditations and Music links options

Acasma Music Links produced by A.L. Garris: (1 hour long)

Acasma Music Links produced by The Majestic Lioness:

Healing music without words:

You CAN become your own healer. If you'd like to learn and get attuned to Acasma Quantum Energy, see my course.

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