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Group Hypnosis Regression Class

Interactive class - Quantum Hypnosis - Access deeper levels of consciousness.

Join me as we access deeper levels of your consciousness with a powerful Quantum Hypnosis session developed by Dolores Cannon. 

You are so much more than this body, this incarnation.

You are Consciousness. A pure being of light projecting themselves into this now, and it is absolutely possible to access many levels of you.

We will explore past, present, parallel and/or future lives and receive guidance and insights to help you make the best of this Now.

This is a recorded donation-based class.

group past life regression

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About me

My name is Julia Lera

I'm a Lightworker, especializing in Acasma Quantum Energy Healing, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Akashic Records Reader and channeler. 

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