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Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Level II

  • 4Weeks
  • 7Steps


Available for those who have completed Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Level I. In Level II, you'll be guided step by step on beginning to offer AQE sessions to friends, family members and pets. You will be attuned and activated to 3 additional energy keys, that carry the frequency of Acasma Quantum Energy. We will work with crystals, tree energy, energy clearing, dropping fear, facilitating physical healing and raising the vibratory state of our recipient (or yourself if you are taking the course for self-expansion). This course is designed to be taken over 4 weeks. Activate your gifts. Remember who you are. Weekly Acasma Quantum Energy Attuning Session every Friday (this is just like taking a session with me, except that in addition to the healing space, you receive your activations and attunements). This can be done anytime 24-48 hs after as well. You will be attuned to several higher dimensional Symbols/Energetic Keys. This course is first and foremost for self expansion. 2 Bonus classes: Past Life healing + Walks Back and Grid Work. Acasma is a higher consciousness. Acasma is a higher vibrational space of connection. Acasma is quantum energy. Acasma is us in our higher selves assisting our Now. Acasma is a quantum healing modality and the healing is anchored on all levels of one’s Being which is why Acasma is also an Ascension modality. Acasma is the activator of the higher human. Acasma is one within The One. Acasma is Love. Payment plans available.

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Acasma Foundations Level II

Acasma Foundations Level II

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